Club Fearless Test #57

Swim with an alligator for a minimum of ten minutes

Wildlife Expert Chris Gillette shows Club Fearless Founders Scott and Stephanie how to swim with a live Alligator.


In this video you will see Wildlife Expert Chris Gillette showing Club Fearless Founders Scott Goodknight and Stephanie Hunter how he safely swims with live Alligators. Scott and Stephanie then put Chris' knowledge to the ultimate test and enter the water with Chris and a 9-1/2 foot long Alligator at the Everglades Outpost located in Homestead Florida.

WARNING: No matter how safe or "fun" this looks...DO NOT try this in the wild! And PLEASE, never feed or interact with Alligators in the wild. As soon as Alligators lose their natural fear of humans they can begin to see humans AS a food source. Respect the natural order of life.

If you want to accomplish this test, look up Chris Gillette on Youtube or Instagram and spend some time reading his extensive blogs about these amazing creatures. He has TONS of videos too. Then you can ask him for more information on how you can get an up close and personal tour in a controlled environment. Again, NEVER try this in the wild. Be fearless, not reckless.

Fears to overcome: Thantophobia (Fear of death) Traumatophobia (fear of injury) Algophobia (fear of pain) Thantophobia (fear of death) Zoophobia (fear of animals) Xenaphobia (fear of the unknown) Aquaphobia (fear of water) Phagophobia (fear of being eaten alive)

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