Club Fearless Test #53

Enter a pen with a Rodeo Bull and touch them while evading

A brave West Texas Bullfighter (also known as a Rodeo Clown) demonstrates his skills by evading a bull in front of a crowd in Abilene Texas. Film by Scott Goodknight. 


Bullfighters, previously known as Rodeo Clowns have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. 

After a Bull Rider is thrown off (or jumps off) the bull in a Rodeo Bull riding competition, many times the bull turns and tries to stomp on or gore the rider which was just on his back.

The job of the Bullfighter is to distract the bull; long enough for the rider to escape back to safety. They use their speed, agility, and quick thinking to confuse the bull. Many times the irritated bull then goes after the bull fighter. 

As you will see in this short film, sometimes the Bull Fighter miscalculates and the Bull wins the match!

Remember, these are professionals. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! If you want to complete this test, you MUST get the proper training from seasoned and experienced experts. Good Luck!

Fears to overcome: Fear of Death (Thantophobia) Fear of injury (Traumatophobia) Fear of animals (Zoophobia)

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