Club Fearless Test #43

Swim with sharks, no protective gear, sharks must be six feet or longer

Club Fearless founders Scott Goodknight and Stephanie Hunter free dive with sharks using no cage or protective gear.


One of the biggest “Ah Ha” moments we have experienced in our investigation of fear and false beliefs has been with the Shark Divers of Florida.

To understand how they keep calm while swimming with these potentially deadly apex predators we couldn’t just interview them or film them from the boat. We had to get in the water with them. And in doing so we, the observers became the observed. We were observing the sharks and the other divers. And they were observing us.

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”                                    

     Friedrich Nietzsche

But perhaps most importantly, we observed ourselves and our own inner emotional reactions based on our past fear-based cultural programming. Nothing can prepare you for the truth. It’s like entering a different world. There is a different feel. A different language. A different set of rules. Respect, not Fear is the key to being welcomed into this world and safely communicating and interacting with this ancient life form. 

The truth is far from what we have been shown by a fear addicted culture and fear mongering media.

These magnificent creatures do not want to eat you. They love to be stroked and loved just like your pet cat or dog. They love to get a snack and they are very shy for the most part. Some are more curious than others. Some are playful and some carry scars and even hooks in their mouths. (As you can see in this short film) Yet it doesn’t make them mean or aggressive.

Our false beliefs were totally destroyed in the warm salty water as the sun rays penetrated into the deep, like rays of truth shooting down into the deep dark blackness of fear.

All of this mind blowing information begs a question; if you can safely swim with sharks, what are your other “greatest fears” and how might you easily leave your comfortable world of the known, and discover hidden treasure in the depths of the un-known?

Remember: Your ego is not your amigo.

Fear is a prison and only you have the key to unlock the cage.

Special thanks to Bryce Rohrer, and Alex Carrier of Florida Shark Diving.

Underwater footage by Scott Goodknight and Stephanie Hunter.

NOTE: Shark Diving is a potentially ultra hazardous activity and should not be attempted without close supervision and instruction by qualified professionals. The beliefs and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the whole of the Shark diving community. Please be safe and responsible. And above all RESPECT and protect the wildlife.

Fears to overcome: Thantophobia (Fear of death) Traumatophobia (fear of injury) Algophobia (fear of pain) Thantophobia (fear of death) Zoophobia (fear of animals) Xenaphobia (fear of the unknown) Aquaphobia (fear of water) Phagophobia (fear of being eaten alive)

Music: Four Circles of Life by Oliver Shanti & Friends

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