Club Fearless Test #132

Drive three laps around a NASCAR track at 160 MPH

Club Fearless Founder Scott Goodknight gets a lesson in SPEED at the Texas Motor Speedway.


These cars have over 800 horsepower and will get up to top speed in a matter of seconds. To successfully drive this track you must balance the desire to be IN control with the fact that you cannot totally control the situation.

The centrifugal force created constantly pulls your head to the right and you must use a fair amount of strength to keep the wheel to the left and your vehicle close to the rail. But not too close!

Fears to overcome: Agoraphobia (the fear of losing control) Thantaphobia (the fear of death) Traumatophobia (the fear of injury) and of course the fear of speed also known as Tachophobia. All in all this was an exciting test of skill and keeping a cool head in a potentially overwhelming situation! 

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