Club Fearless Test #1


Club Fearless Test #1 Skydive Tandem from 12,000 Feet or Higher

Club Fearless Co-Founder Stephanie Hunter makes her first jump at Skydive Georgia with instructor Aaron Kaiser. 


Ask anyone if they have a written "bucket list" and 99 out of 100 people will not be able to produce one. But for those who do and are serious about living life to the fullest, skydiving is a MUST DO experience.

Before you go jumping out of a plane headlong at 120 miles per hour straight down, you might want to consider getting some training and building up your confidence first. 

To begin with, consider "Tandem Skydiving"

Tandem skydiving is a variation of the original adrenaline sport, and for some, it is MORE terrifying than jumping out solo and pulling your own parachute.  


Can you say "Trust Issues"?

For some people it is easier to drive the car than to sit in the passenger seat. We like to think we are in control. (LOL) if this is you, then tandem skydiving could be an excellent challenge to expand your ability to relax, let go and trust in the unknown.

You will be forced to confront the fear of trusting other people (Pistanthrophobia) the fear of falling (Basophobia) the fear of heights (Acrophobia) and even the fear of enclosed places (Claustrophobia)

Tandem skydiving will require you to sit still in a small aircraft (which sometimes resembles a small tube) strapped tightly to another human being for approximately 20 minutes as you climb to the proper jump altitude. You will also need to learn to trust the equipment, trust the pilot, trust the aircraft and the other jumpers. 

All in all, we chose Tandem Skydiving as our first test and introduction to Club Fearless because it has SO many possible fears to experience. But remember, you choose the tests, you can pick any 13 you want to overcome and as you get stronger and more confident, you can come back to the ones that cause you more anxiety and conquer them when you are ready. 

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Have you done this test?  Do you have a crazy story to tell?  Share it in the comments below! 

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