Club Fearless Test #1
Skydive tandem from 12,000 feet or higher

Club Fearless Test #15
Bungee Jump from 200 feet or higher

Club Fearless Test #24
Take a ride in an open cockpit Bi-Plane

Club Fearless Test #25
Wingwalk on top of a Bi-Plane

Club Fearless Test #39
Tread water in the open ocean for ten minutes, one mile offshore

Club Fearless Test #43
Swim with sharks, no protective gear, sharks must be 6 feet or longer

Club Fearless Test #47
Hunt, kill, prep, cook & eat an animal in the wild

Club Fearless Test #48
Encounter any apex predator in the wild

Club Fearless Test #52
Ride a Rodeo Bull for at least three seconds

Club Fearless Test #54
Run with the bulls in Pamplona

Club Fearless Test #57
Swim with an alligator

Club Fearless Test #58
Free Handle any Snake for One Minute

Club Fearless Test #65
Hold a giant spider in your bare hands for one minute

Club Fearless Test #68
Camp out on an island for at least one night

Club Fearless Test #88
Dress as a homeless person and beg for money for a day

Club Fearless Test #105
Firewalk - Walk barefoot across a ten foot bed of hot coals

Club Fearless Test #118
Spend a night alone in a graveyard

Club Fearless Test #121
Write your last will and testimony

Club Fearless Test #132
Drive three laps around a NASCAR track at 150 MPH

Club Fearless Test #137
Drive a tank and crush a vehicle

Club Fearless Test #146
Fire a machine gun, at least 90 rounds

What is Club Fearless?

Club Fearless was founded by a former US Army Ranger as a way for anyone to test themselves and prove how fearless they really are. 

To become a member of Club Fearless, you must complete 13 tests from our Official List of over 150 tests. Only official members can wear the coveted “Skull and Bones” Patch and carry the secret challenge coin. 

The tests were carefully chosen to represent the greatest fears, phobias and anxieties we have as human beings.  Some are psychologically disturbing, others are socially and personally embarrassing, and others are genuinely dangerous and potentially life threatening. 

For this reason, no one under 18 is allowed and you must agree to the legal terms of personal liability listed on this site. 

Our motto is “Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives” therefore you must make the decision whether or not each risk is worth the reward. 

Are you up for the challenge of a lifetime?

Take the test and find out if you have what it takes to be a member of the coolest, craziest most bad ass club on the planet. 

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